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Our Mind

In the Indochina region of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, many people were sacrificed during the Cold War. Preah Vihear was also hit by intense fire as one of the Pol Pot factions during the Cambodian Civil War.
Preah Vihear, which was registered as a World Heritage site, was devastated by many years of warfare and was in danger of collapsing, and the people living in the vicinity were forced to live as the poorest countries. Children managed to survive today in the poor hygiene and living conditions rather than educational opportunities and tomorrow.
In Asia, large countries such as China and India are achieving remarkable economic development, but in the countries that are considered to be the poorest countries such as Cambodia and Laos, there are still many people who are not satisfied even with their daily food. Even today, young children have lost their lives due to illness and landmines, and are still living tomorrow.

“Pride of Asia : Preah Vihear Association Japan” wants to make this Preah Vihear Ruins as a new symbol of peace. In addition, the Cambodian people and the neighboring Laos people who were behind in the economy, were awakened by the good luck and appreciation of being surrounded by the world's precious heritage that their ancestors left, so that the region could be used effectively. We hope to regain the dignity as a person aiming for "independence" by realizing the possibility of a rich life.
Up to now, based on the technology and experience cultivated through individual social experience, we have worked on each issue for a long time to contribute to the development of Asian countries including Cambodia. Now, like-minded people gather, gather their passions and abilities, network their connections, work with the same Asian friends to restore and restore the ruins, protect the landscape and the surrounding area, we wanted to help preserve the environment and improve the lives of the local people, so we decided to establish the “Pride of Asia : Preah Vihear Association Japan”.
The association deepens friendship through international cooperation activities with neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, contributes to environmental conservation through tree planting activities, etc., enhances the value as a tourism resource, supports the residents' economic independence, Aim for eradication and healthy living. In other Asian regions, environmental conservation, economic development, culture, and so on, to ensure that people are proud of living as “Asian people” and truly maintain their dignity and confidence as human beings while assessing the results of the Preah Vihear Ruins Project. We will carry out international cooperation activities that enable the protection of goods at the same time.
In cooperation with Asian friends who have already established similar organizations in countries such as South Korea, Taiwan and Nepal in support of the above, we have recruited a wide range of experienced and passionate personnel. The Pride of Asia : Preah Vihear Association Japan was established to contribute to the people and society of Asia by providing opportunities for Japanese citizens to participate in free and open social contribution activities.

PVAJ officers

(As of July 18, 2020)

Chairman: Noritada Morita 
Former Director of Loan Bureau of Asian Development Bank, Economic Advisor of Cambodian Government, Former Director of Asian Institute of Technology
Vice Chairman(executive director): Kazumasa Ito
Former Visiting Professor, Department of Urban Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Tokyo City University, Director of Asian Water Council (AWC), CEO International Business Information Bank, Inc.
Board of Directors:  Masataka Nakamura
Former Dexia Credit Local Bank Tokyo Branch full-time advisor, Former NPO Planet Finance Japan Executive Director and Secretary General
Board of Directors:  Keigo Kobayashi
CEO, Vantage Inc.
Board of Directors: Jyoichi Kimura
Former Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Former ADB, Former Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Board of Directors: Kunio Hatanaka
Former Ambassador of Japan to the Repablic of Rwanda, Former Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund and Japan Bank for International Cooperation Director General for Africa and Latin America and Central Asia, Former Chief Representative of the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund Paris
Auditor: Kei Sato
Representative of the association supporting the four new ASEAN member countries (CLMV), former Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Advisor: Yoshitaka Ina
President of iGage Inc.
Advisor: Daisuke Asano
Ministry of Economy
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